Friday, December 11, 2009

Why you shouldn't use Google Chrome

Despite the fact that Google Chrome is probably slightly better than Firefox on some key aspects (performance & design probably), I resist to betray Firefox and in my opinion everybody should do the same because of the following reasons:
  • Firefox depends on our support. If we want some competence in the browsers market we need to support Firefox.
  • We have to thank Firefox for freeing us from the previous situation in the browsers market where we were locked to IE with their associated problems (non standard working and zero innovation)
  • I'm very afraid of Google dominating the web (both client, servers and services) and imposing their rules. For example they are starting to propose big changes like a new protocol to replace HTTP (SPDY)
  • Firefox has been bringing huge innovations to the browsers (popularizing tabs, smart url bar, personas, prism, weave, operator)
  • Firefox is fully customizable with much more plugins/addons and possibilities for third parties
Hopefully Google won't be successful this time and will be celebrating 10 years of Firefox in 2014


Anonymous said...

Although I agree with most of what you say, for me it is not a sentimental question. It's much simpler, the minute FF stops devouring my RAM, I'll be back with it :-)

Gustavo said...

Thank you for your comment, but my reasons are not sentimental either, but practical. If we want a healthy web ecosystem with openess, freedom, innovation and at the end better services we need to support firefox.